The foot is an elaborate construction of 24 bones that establish 2 traversing arches of the feet. The longitudinal arch goes the length of the foot, and the transverse arch goes the breadth. The ankle joint is established by the connection of the foot and the lower-leg, and the toes are on the further aspect of the foot. The bones of the foot are predominantly kept in concert by their fit with eachother and interconnected by a ” floating ” fibrous tissue known as suspensory ligaments. The muscle groups of the feet, together with a robust, wiry tissue which is called the plantar fascia, present supplementary assistance to the feet. The foot has intrinsic muscular tissues that originate and embed in the foot and exterior musculature that come from the lower calf and affix in a variety of areas on the bone tissues of the feet. There are actually fat shields in the feet to assist with weight-bearing and soaking up shock.